Train and equip communities to save lives

Training communities

Life saving equipment

We can all save lives without access to any specialist training – and often all we need is access to an Automatic External Defibrillator (sometimes known as a defib or an AED) to help restart someone’s heart. If you call 999 suspecting someone is having a cardiac arrest, our teams can locate your nearest AED, give you the code to unlock its cabinet and talk you through how to use it. Every minute saved in re starting someone’s heart increases their chance of survival by 10%.

We want everyone in Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire to be within 8 minutes of an AED – but we need your help to achieve this as SCAS receives no NHS money to supply or install AEDs in public places.

We need your help to get AEDs into the communities that SCAS knows do not yet have an AED. We want the charity to raise enough money to install at least 1 additional AED every 6 weeks  in the communities that we know are in need.

£1850 will enable the charity to buy an AED and get it installed in a locked cabinet. Another £200 enables us to provide an AED awareness training session to the local community.

You can help in four ways:

  • If your organisation wants to purchase an AED and you would like our help, and want to make sure 999 know the location of your AED then email
  • If you would like to help fund a new AED in one of those underserviced corners of our region to help us save lives in these areas then please make a donation and email
  • If you would like to help raise funds for new AEDs in your area then please let us know by applying to become a volunteer
  • If you’ve paid for or installed an AED, check that it is listed on our , and if it is not, then  email, and we’ll get it registered.

Life saving training

A little bit of knowledge goes a long way towards saving a life. We want to deliver:

  • Basic awareness training about public access defibrillators in every community where we install one.
  • First aid and basic life saving training in schools and communities.
  • Access to life saving skills and information for everyone by making basic training available on line.

The NHS does not fund the ambulance service to provide this – with your help we can give local communities the skills they need to help themselves and each other in a life threatening emergency.

Where is your nearest AED?

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We have an amazing Android & Apple app that users can access via their smartphone or tablet. O2 generously developed this App for us, and we are very grateful for their support. Our app uses GPS functionality to show where the nearest AED is as well as a list of other AEDs in the area. It also features videos, CPR instructions and a section that will answers many of your cardiac arrest and heart attack questions.

Apple version

Apple AED finder app

Download on the app store

Android version

Android AED finder App

Download in the Google play store

Remember, the first thing to do in any real emergency is to ring 999.

Please make sure that you have the latest version of the App installed and that you regularly update the list or clear your internet cache as appropriate to your device.

If you already have an AED installed but can’t see it on our map please tell us about it by emailing

Please note that the previous ‘AED Locator’ app is now unsupported. We recommend that you delete the old app and install the new ‘Save a life’ app instead.