Develop and enhance the care we give

Helping us to test and develop ideas for new ways of working

Emergency care is changing, and more and more people want to be looked after in their own home rather than being rushed to hospital – if the care we can give them is safe and appropriate. Our paramedics are ideally placed to provide the kind of interventions at home that might stop someone needing to be rushed into A&E and admitted into hospital.

The sorts of things your support could help us do:

  • With your help we could test new ways to train and support our staff, so that they are better able to help people who are at the end of their lives to make the choices that will enable them die at home. 70% of us want this, but half of us still die in hospital. With your help we can equip our staff to give more people the end of life experience that they want.


  • With your help we could provide much better support to the 2000 or so patients in our region who call 999 or 111 regularly –often several times in a single day . This can lead to delays in answering calls from other patients and ambulances being despatched when they are not really needed, making them unavailable to patients in real crisis. Your donation could help the Trust work with its partners in the NHS to test ways in which these patients can be given the intensive 1:1 ongoing support they really need to manage their conditions, freeing up our call centre staff and ambulances to attend to those who face a time critical , life threatening emergency.
State of the art equipment

Giving our staff access to state of the art equipment

Our ability to provide life saving care is increasingly dependent on our ability to make sure our staff have access to all the latest technology. The NHS funds us to make sure everyone has the basic tools they need to do their jobs, but with your help we could give our staff access to state of the art equipment that would enable them to provide even better care to patients.

For example:

    • £1000 would enable us to give a care home the equipment they need to enable our clinicians to see their patients over a video link up, reducing the need for  frail and vulnerable older people to suffer the trauma of being taken to hospital in an ambulance when an emergency happens.


    • £12,000   would enable us to install a mechanical cardiac compression unit on an ambulance, freeing up the paramedic who would otherwise be administering CPR manually to deliver additional interventions for the patient, whilst they are being conveyed to hospital.
Research projects

SCAS wants to go on improving patient care and patient experience , and research plays a pivotal role in both these areas. Research gives us the chance to develop new and better care, based on sound evidence – it  gives patients the chance of a safer and better outcome.  Our ability to take part in this vital work is limited  as we have to raise all the money we need to participate in research projects and to employ research staff.

With your help we could undertake more high quality pre-hospital clinical research to help inform future best practice for patients in need of emergency care from the ambulance service, including, for example, new techniques and protocols for patients who have had a heart attack, suffered a cardiac arrest or have had a stroke.

Training and development

Extra Education, Learning and Development

SCAS is committed to providing all its staff with excellent access to the education, learning and development opportunities they need to enable them to deliver first class care and to develop their careers. However the money we get from the NHS for this doesn’t enable us to meet some of the extraordinary development goals that our staff  set themselves.

With your help we could, for example:

  • Invest in further development of our education facilities – so that we can harness the latest technologies, including state of the art simulation, to help us train our crews.
  • Support emerging leaders to develop their career aspirations through participation in national and international programmes of development.
  • Go even further to support the mental health of the staff who are there to support all of us in moments of crisis and trauma 24/7.


Improvements to working environments

Our staff provide an outstanding service to the public 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – whether they are answering 999 and 111 calls, driving patients to medical appointments or attending the scene of an emergency. They all work in highly stressful situations and environments – and if we could improve their working environments  we could improve the care they give to patients. The NHS funds us to provide accommodation and basic office equipment, but your donation could make a real difference to the working lives of the men and women who work so hard to get help to you when you need it:

For example:

  • £300 would  enable us to buy a new sofa for the crew room
  • £50 would fund new equipment for a station kitchen.