Charity Support

Volunteer for us

Do you have time or a skill you could donate to our charity? We need help with everything from  managing  our collecting boxes, to designing posters and organising fundraising groups and events. Whether you can only spare an hour every now and then , or are looking for a volunteering opportunity that will become a regular part of your life, we can use your help. By volunteering for us you will know that you are making a real contribution to saving lives across our region. To apply  just complete and submit this volunteer application form.

In the office

Can you spare a few hours on a regular basis to help us out in the office? We need people who can help us write thank you letters and who can keep in touch with the people who are supporting us by doing their own fundraising events.

Manage local collecting boxes

We need volunteers with a good knowledge of their local community to help us place more collection boxes. You will be placing collection boxes in shops, cafes, garden centres – in fact anywhere you can persuade the owner to support us. You will work with our Charity Officer to keep track of where your collection boxes are, how quickly they fill up, when they need replacing and to keep accurate records of money from each one. You will need excellent organisational skills, be reasonably mobile and be able to handle cash.

Set up a local fundraising group

Can you set up a fundraising group with your colleagues, your neighbours, the other parents in the playground or people at your local sports club? Do you have what it takes to inspire, lead and organise people to support us in your local community? For ideas about the sorts of things you could do with a little help from your friends, take a look at our Our Emergency Guide to Fundraising.

Support your local CFR  group

Do you really admire what our volunteer life savers do, but just know it’s not for you? Could you help your local group fundraise? Maybe you can write great grant applications, or chat up local businesses in your area to persuade them to support the local life savers in your community? Maybe you can just offer a couple of hours to rattle a collecting tin at your local fete? Any help you can give to your local CFR scheme will be welcomed with open arms. They rely 100% on donations to the charity to fund what they do.

Help us out at events

We get along to all sorts of events, from talks in schools to taking our education ambulance along to football matches. We need people who can give up an afternoon to come along to events with us , who can put on a charity t-shirt, take out a collecting tin and talk to the public about the great things the South Central Ambulance Charity does.

Be an ambassador for the charity

The charity gets invitations to speak at all kinds of events. If public speaking is your thing, and you’d like to help out – we’d love you to step forward and become an Ambassador . We will provide you with all the information you need to tell the world about what we do  – we just need you to help us get out there and spread the word.

Donate your expertise

Our charity employs just one and a half people  – but our ambitions are big! We want to achieve as much for our ambulance service as we could if we had a team of 15 or 20 like some of the other charities who work in our field do. To grow and succeed we need help from volunteers with professional skills . Maybe you are a graphic designer, or an expert in charity law. Maybe you have skills in press and PR or are great at managing other volunteers. If you have a professional skill that you think might be of use to us as we grow, and you can spare us some time, then please get in touch.

To apply for any of these roles just complete our volunteer application form.