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The full South Central Ambulance Charity Privacy Policy  is also available . It applies solely to this website.

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Charity Complaints Policy Version 1 February 2018


South Central Ambulance Charity strives for high standards in everything we do and are committed to respect the view of our beneficiaries, volunteers, donors and other stakeholders. We value feedback from both internal and external stakeholders and view this as a positive way to evaluate and improve our work.

We recognise that many beneficiaries of the services provided by South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS) wish to show their appreciation for the care they have received both from our staff and our Community First Responders. If individuals would like to say thank you or raise any concerns or make a complaint about any of the services we provide they should contact our Patient Experience Team on 0300 123 9280 or by emailing patientexperience@scas.nhs.uk.

This policy is concerned with complaints specifically relating to the Charity and our fundraising and communication activities with supporters and the general public.

  1. Purpose of this Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that:

  • Supporters, donors and members of the public know how to provide feedback and to make a complaint and to understand such a complaint will be handled.
  • Complaints are dealt with consistently, fairly and as informally as possible.
  • To give individuals an opportunity to give feedback to the Charity and to comment on our work and to raise any concerns they may have.
  • The Charity monitors and uses this feedback to improve our fundraising and other services.What is a Complaint?

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction by an external stakeholder regarding the quality and standards of fundraising by South Central Ambulance Charity. This is not the same as supporters expressing a simple question or disagreement that can be immediately and amicably resolved.

Individuals wishing to make a complaint should contact:

Vanessa Casey

Charity CEO

7-8 Talisman Road

Bicester OX26 6HR

Or email: vanessa.casey@sca-charity.org.uk

If it is inappropriate for the Chief Executive of the Charity to investigate the complaint it will be dealt with by the Deputy CEO of SCAS as the lead representative of the SCAS Executive Board who are the Corporate Trustee of the Charity.

  1. What Happens When you Complain?

We aim to resolve all issues quickly and satisfactorily. Complaints will be recorded and acknowledged within five working days of receipt and we will tell you who will be dealing with the matter and when you can expect a full response. We will endeavour to respond either by telephone or face to face where possible or by post if preferred. South Central Ambulance Charity will respond to your complaint and where appropriate apologise for any distress caused and let you know any actions we plan to take as an organisation to ensure no further complaints of this nature are received. Charity Complaints Policy Version 1 February 2018

  1. What Should You do if the Complaint is not Resolved to Your Satisfaction?

If you are not happy with the response you receive or it is not possible to resolve any disagreement then your complaint should be directed to the Fundraising Regulator.


Fundraising Regulator

2nd Floor

CAN Mezzanine Building

49-51 East Road

London N1 6AH

If your complaint is not regarding fundraising but about any other aspect of our charitable work, you may wish to contact Charity Commission.


Charity Commission

P O Box 1227

Liverpool L69 3UG

Terms and Conditions for individual fundraisers

We are very grateful to all the people who raise funds for us. Please be aware that when undertaking fundraising in aid of the charity you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  1. I understand that I am fundraising “In aid of” South Central Ambulance Charity.  This means that as such I am acting “in aid of” the charity raising funds, but that I am acting independently of the charity and this status gives me no authority to act in the charity’s name.
  2. I will ensure all publicity material includes a statement that  ‘All proceeds/profits will go to South Central Ambulance Charity’ and that I will make it clear that any event I am organising is  held ‘in aid of South Central Ambulance Charity’ . I will state South Central Ambulance Charity’s registered charity number – 1049778 on any and all correspondence and other material I produce to support my fundraising.
  3. I understand that I am responsible for my fundraising activity, however if my fundraising employs methods which the charity disapproves of or which could bring the charity into disrepute, action can be taken to prevent my activity.
  4. I understand that as my fundraising is undertaken independently of the charity and is ‘in aid of’, the charity will not accept any responsibility or liability for my fundraising events or activity.
  5. I understand that South Central Ambulance Charity will provide support if I need it to enable me to effectively carry out fundraising activity that is legal, safe, honest and respectful.
  6. I agree to pass over to South Central Ambulance Charity all funds raised as a result of my “In Aid Of” in a reasonable time frame (3 months after the activity is completed) and that the charity may take steps to recuperate all funds raised in its name.
  7. I understand that I can deduct reasonable expenses to cover the costs of my fundraising activity but that these are kept to a minimum and that I will seek advice from South Central Ambulance Charity if I am in doubt about what constitutes reasonable expenses.
  8. If my fundraising takes place over a prolonged period of time, I agree to transfer funds at regular intervals and those intervals will be agreed with South Central Ambulance Charity at the outset.
  9. I agree to raise money for South Central Ambulance Charity and that my activity is not intended to raise my business profile and/or to attract customers by associating myself with the South Central Ambulance Charity brand.  And I understand that if this is the case my activities may be considered to be that of a commercial participator – a person who carries on a business and in the course of that business represents that it will make donations to a charity.  I agree to notify the charity if this is the case and accept that my activities may be subjected to different terms and conditions.
  10. I understand that the charities logo may be released to me for single use, on a specific occasion, and in connection with my specified activity in support of the charity.  If I need to use the logo for any other reason other than in connection with my fundraising activity or on multiple occasions, I will need to seek further written permission.  I agree to give South Central Ambulance Charity sight of anything using the charity’s name or logo prior to printing/publication.
  11. I understand that South Central Ambulance Charity will store my personal contact information and that this storage complies with the Data Protection Act 1998.

For further information on good fundraising practice please visit http://www.institute-of-fundraising.org.uk/guidance/code-of-fundraising-practice


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