We help and serve the community of New Milton when they need it most at a time of life threatening medical emergency. We rely 100% on donations to our charity to fund this vital work.

Penny Smith – Group Co-ordinator

New Milton CFR

New Milton Community First Responders started in 2016 and we are all unpaid volunteers, who serve the community by attending 999 emergency medical calls and providing basic life support until the arrival of the ambulance. Trained and despatched by the ambulance service, we do this to help our community  at a time of medical emergency. Interested in joining? Then contact us for more information.

What we do

We provide basic life support care until the arrival of the ambulance. We carry oxygen and a defibrillator as well as other medical equipment and pain relief. We can be with a patient very quickly – providing emergency care in the critical time before the ambulance arrives.


We are very grateful to all those who have donated money, time and energy to the local CFR scheme for this community. We would particularly like to thank:

If you live locally, or run a local business, and could help us with our fundraising we would love to hear from you.


Some CFRs run events where you can ‘meet the team’. This area will display all events that the South Central Ambulance Charity are aware of.

Saturday 3rd June 2017 from noon. . New Milton Lions Festival Day. Recreation Ground Whitefield Road, New Milton

CFRs often get asked to attend events such as a village fete or fair in order to demonstrate vital life saving skills and collect on behalf of our charity.

If you are organising an event and would like us to attend, please email us.



Some schemes have volunteers who are qualified to provide first aid cover at local events. To find out if we can do this for you please email us.



Join our team

If you would like to find out more about becoming a CFR please email cfr@scas.nhs.uk for an application pack. You can also contact our local scheme co-ordinator at  newmiltoncfr@sca-charity.org.uk for an informal chat and to find out more, or you can complete the volunteering form.

hours on call by all SCAS CFRs in 2015

calls responded to by all SCAS CFRs in 2015

Contact details

Penny Smith

c/o Terry Kane

Community Liaison and Training Officer

Southern House




SO21 2RU




0800 587 0207