Fundraising Events

Anybody can support us by fundraising within their local community. Get your friends,  family and neighbours involved and help us to help your local ambulance service to help you.

You can be as creative as you like. Why not think about holding a cake sale or a BBQ, getting people to sponsor you to go without chocolate, TV or that bad language habit for a month, hold a promises auction, have a dress up (or down!) day, collect dosh for a car wash, get your boss to donate a day off as a raffle prize and get your colleagues bidding, organise a duck race…. or even run a good old fashioned fete.

For more ideas take a look at our Our Emergency Guide to Fundraising.

Once you’ve decided, we can help you with:

  • Fundraising materials: collection tins, T-shirts, balloons, banners, sponsorship forms
  • Marketing materials: posters, press releases, logos, guidance on key messaging
  • General advice: raffle licences, permits and any risk assessments you might need

Please see our fundraising terms and conditions for further information. Don’t forget to register your event with us here.

Don’t forget to think about how you will actually donate the money you raise. Instructions for how to do this can be found here.

Any questions? Just get in touch.

Get your fundraising noticed

Make sure everyone knows you are fundraising for us. We have various items you can order to help get your fundraising started, and you will also find some links on this page to templates for posters and sponsorship forms that you can download.

Collecting boxes

If you need some collecting boxes so you can collect cash at work, at home or at an event then read on here to find out how to order one.

T shirts and running vests

If you and your supporters need t-shirts and running vests, please register your event.

Using our logo

If you would like to use the charity logo to advertise your event or fundraising, you must request approval by emailing The charity’s “in aid of” logo may be provided with guidance on its use, and we will then work with you to approve all the materials you put it on before you print or publish them.

Things you can print

Blank Poster template

Logo poster

Sponsorship form

We can also supply balloons, wristbands, pens and other fun items with our logo on them that you can give away at your event. For more information please email us at

If you are a corporate sponsor please click here.

Top Tips

Have fun – and choose a fundraising project that you will enjoy. If you are having a good time people are more likely to respond.

  1. Keep it simple – the best fundraising projects are the simplest. Be realistic and cost out any expenditure carefully. Keep a checklist so you know exactly what needs to be done at every stage.
  2. Keep it legal – make sure you registered your event with us so we can help to ensure that your fundraising efforts are legal.
  3. Tell us about it – let us know what you are planning and we will provide you with advice, fundraising materials and  PR advice to help make your event as successful as possible. .
  4. Tell others about it – don’t forget to tell your family, friends and work colleagues about what you are up to and display posters in and around your local area. Download  Posters , and  blank poster templates here to help you advertise your event. If you want an “in aid of” logo just drop us an email to and we will send you one.
Keeping it safe and legal


When fundraising, it’s not worth taking any risks with safety or the law. Here are a few things you might need to consider. If you are in any doubt please contact us by emailing

  • Ensure all publicity material include ‘All proceeds/profits will go to South Central Ambulance Charity’ . Events should be held ‘in aid of South Central Ambulance Charity’ too. You must also state South Central Ambulance Charity’s registered charity number – 1049778.
  • Raffles are now carefully regulated and the only type of raffle that can be operated without a licence is one where the tickets are sold and the prize draw are on the same day. You cannot pre-sell tickets without obtaining a licence from your local council. You must do this directly with them, and not through South Central Ambulance Charity.
  • If you want to sell alcohol at your event you will need to obtain a licence, or alternatively you can sell tickets which can then be exchanged for drinks.
  • Anyone collecting money in a public place will require a Street Collection Licence from their local council. To collect donations on private property, such as in a supermarket or pub you only need the permission of the owner or manager.
  • Safety is an important aspect of any event so always check any facilities in advance, including fire exits.
  • Consider any first aid requirements. Some events/fundraising will not require first aid cover dependant on the size and nature of the event. For small local events you can book first aid cover from our CFR volunteers by emailing
  • If you are preparing food yourself, you’d be well advised to get someone involved who has been awarded a Basic Food Hygiene Certificate.
  • If you are organising a fundraising event you may be required to take out adequate Public Liability insurance cover.
  • Make sure that you have gained written photographic permission via our downloadable form before you use photos you have taken for publicity purposes.

For more information see