Fundraise in memory or celebration

Fundraise in memory of a loved one or to commemorate a special occasion like a wedding, a birth or a big birthday. You could do this either by setting up a Just Giving Page and inviting friends and family to contribute, doing a collection when your friends and family are gathered together or just by making a personal donation.

Paul’s story.

On the 14th October last year my father in law had a heart attack whilst gardening. He had apparently been in perfectly good health so this came as real shock to us all. We dialled 999 and a volunteer Community First Responder quickly arrived and started trying to restart his heart. The volunteer was soon backed up by two ambulance crews. They all did everything they could, working tirelessly and compassionately , but were unable to save his life.

Paul and PeterI know that lots of people raise money for charities when a loved one dies, and we wanted to do the same. But we wanted to raise money for a charity that gets forgotten too often – the South Central Ambulance Charity.

The first thing we did was to ask people to make donations in memory of my father in law at the time of his funeral, and we organised this with the help of the funeral director. But I wanted to do more.

I had lost a lot of weight in the few years before my father in law died, and had started running – eventually getting fit enough to take part in marathons. He was really proud of me for that, so I, along with my good friend Peter, decided to enter the Reading half marathon, and to get people to sponsor us to run, as a way of raising more funds in his memory.

It was really easy to set up a Just Giving page linked to the charity, and to spread the word about what I was doing to friends and colleagues by email and social media. It was much easier than I expected to get people to support me – they really wanted to help and everyone could see that it was a really great charity.

I managed to raise over £600 for the charity by getting sponsored to run a half marathon, and whilst running may not be for everyone I would positively encourage other people to do whatever they can to raise funds for this important charity that gets forgotten far too often.