Berkshire Community First Responders along with their Community Response Car attended a Show’n’Tell session for 2 groups of 5 year olds when they  visited Mortimer St John’s Infant School in Mortimer on the Tuesday 2nd May 2017. Responders, Richard ‘Jacko’  Jackson and David Gregory spent an hour explaining the importance of dialling 999 and how to keep safe if the children see emergency vehicles on the road. The children learned that there are pedal bikes, motorcycles, response cars, ambulances and of-course the Air Ambulance in SCAS and Jacko showed them all the special equipment that is carried on our response car. Finally the children were amazed to learn that Jacko himself  used to go to the Infant school and many a new ambition to be an Ambulance Responder was born. Mrs Tammy Behiry from the School said they were delighted to host SCAS and that the children were really enthusiastic.The event came about through Mr Andrew Green whose children are at the School and he is an enthusiastic supporter and donor to the Burghfield & Mortimer Responders through his firm Tadley Pet Supplies.